What gives you happiness ?

It was International Happiness Day yesterday !! I realized it after reading Kayla’s post.

“Happiness cannot be defined only with words…it is felt from deep within”

A small red ladybug in my garden marked the arrival of spring. Small children were delighted to see it and were beaming with happiness. That teeny weeny creature made the environment around it, so buoyant and jolly !!

The smile on a naughty child’s face glows with glee when a bar of chocolate is offered to him.

The very tempting aroma of grilled barbecue lunch gives my nose so much satisfaction.

Being in the aura of gracious, compassionate and inspiring people, inflicts so much positivity  in the atmosphere and makes us so optimistic.

When you are healthy and fit, you feel confident and assured.

Green always calms and soothes me. I love to see washed up leaves and lushness around me.

The sound produced by the torrential rain hitting the porch is always so engaging and refreshing. I really enjoy it!  Artificial and man-made sounds are not as interesting as the natural ones. Agree ?

Wearing a dress that you haven’t worn for ages !  The level of belongingness suddenly rises up 😄

What’s makes you happy ? There might be many things !



Thank you 🙂




theCramm Award !!

Screenshot_2017-03-22-17-33-32_1490184235112.jpgI was nominated for theCramm Award by Kayla. She is one of my favorites here !! Her posts are full of inspiration and motivation. I am highly honored ! Thank you so much, Kayla.

I like the name of this award. Sounds impressive!  TheCramm award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm. His website is fun, easy way to know the world’s happenings.


  1. Include a little bit about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person the who nominated you
  2. Share 3 things that motivate you to blog and share 3 people that motivate you to blog as well
  3. Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  4. Answer your challenge question
  5. Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question


  1. The bell with the orange dot on WordPress page (notification). I love to hear from other fellow bloggers. I get so much acceptance from them 🙂
  2. I am an introvert and not very social in nature so thoughts and ideas keep piling up in my brain. Writing them down and then getting valuable feedback ,really helps.
  3. Perspective of majority of people. I want to give them some more options to choose upon 😉 After all, variety is appreciated !
  4. I also get very motivated to know that there are people who like to hear from me and value my presence 🙂


  1. Parents
  2. Some really funny people (there are many)
  3. My best buddies


“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

I feel that every person should be educated. Only an educated and aware person can distinguish right from wrong, light from dark and virtue from sin. I would try to raise enough funds so that I can open a college or school for people who cannot afford the educational expenses. Children and adults all would be able to go there and get the basic education on their field of interest. Then, there would be less crimes and unruly incidents in the world.

The challenge question :

What would your days look like if time was not an issue?

I would spend hours just sleeping comfortably! Then I would probably get up and do something productive. And I would like to be nocturnal!

The nominees are !!

Martha Kennedy

Roy Evans

SMART and FUNNY TALK  ( I don’t know your name! )




Stefan writing zone

My challenge question for all of the above nominees:

Q. If you were an artist assigned by the god to paint the world and objects around you with your choice of color, then what would it be ?

{ I would like to paint a red apple into a white one !! I think it will look nice 🙂   }

Thank You !

Frenzy !!

So today I am extremely happy. I got so many gifts from Dad. Some things in account for the festival of colors-holi and other random things. I feel so lucky 🙂

(Well,  as you can see ,this is a very random post!)

Holi is one of my favorite festivals. It’s the only time when I won’t be scolded for getting messy and coming home with a wet dress or a face smeared with powdered color. We have already started celebrating. 💦 Water balloons can be seen soaring high in the sky and coming down on somebody’s head with quite an audible splash ! ( And the best part-nobody would even mind). You must have a look at this tempting weapon.


You can even see a pink aerobie ring. It’s amazing !! The speed at which it soars can knock anybody’s head off their body. (Hey, I am serious here!)

And there’s a giant photo backdrop sheet for birthday parties and other functions. It’s pretty big. 65 in X 70.87 in. *Time for a selfie*

OMG!! I just popped one whole red chilli into my mouth for fun while writing this. An act of bravery !! My mouth is on fire🔥 I need a water break.🍶

Excuse me…

The versatile blogger


Thank you summervinn for nominating me for this very precious award !! I am honored. Please check out her blogs too. They are very appealing 🙂

These are the rules…

~ Write a Word of Thanks to the blogger who nominated you and don’t forget to link their blog.

~ Share 7 Fun Facts about yourself with the Blogging Community.

~ Choose at least 15 bloggers who deserve your little words of encouragement and nominate them for the Versatile Blogger Award.

~ Send word to the talented bloggers whom you nominated, link their blogs and inspire them to grow in their creativity.

Facts about myself:

  1. I like to challenge and accept challenges.
  2. I love to play basketball and I’m quite good at it.
  3. I like to be messy sometimes.
  4. Monsoon is my favorite season and I love getting wet and muddy.
  5. I am an introvert.
  6. I do not prefer doing things that everybody do and often follow “the road less taken”.
  7. I like to eat everything spicy and tangy like chips, salad, maggi, nuggets etc. After all there must be some spice in life 😉
  8. I am highly inspired by nature.
  9. I love to read books and want to own a big library so that I’m never short of novels.
  10. I am good at sketching.

My precious and talented nominees are:






These bloggers are nominated for “the versatile blogger award” and need huge applause and appreciation for their creativity.

Thank you



‘She’ is the ‘One’


“Women are the builders of the society.” Without them, no country can progress and no family can be complete. She is the best example of humanity. She changes the plain word ‘love’ into a beautiful emotion.

Why celebrate only one day as Women’s Day, when thousands of women help and support us every single day- the biggest role being played by mothers. She sacrifices her happiness and comfort for her family. She deserves at least two hours of her ‘me-time’ for all that she has done for you ,from the time she had you in her tummy. A mothers role cannot be played by anybody except her.

A woman cannot see anybody in pain and is always there to care even if the person is unknown. She can’t hurt anybody. She treats every child as her own, every other woman as her sister or mother and every male as her brother or father.

We have a patriarchal society. There are people who want a baby boy as their descendant or heir. And some more great people who will accept a baby girl only to hope that she will become Kalpana Chawla or a world known personality someday. Are housewives any less ? They are on a 24 hour duty at home. Clean the home. Babysitting. Washing clothes or dishes. Teach the child and all kinds of work that we can’t even imagine. They are popular, known and a role model for kids, family and society. Yes they are !! They are no less than celebrities and need the most appreciation.

Fact : Men are highly dependent on women. Accept it.

Women are the internet or encyclopedia, who know EVERYTHING.

Can’t find your socks, shoes, laptop, clothes, stationery, kitchen item? Mom will find and give it to you in less than a minute.

Can’t solve a maths problem? Your teacher can explain and teach you wonders.

Every woman is beautiful. There are no criterions for judging the appearance of a person. “Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder”.

God has created men and women as wonderful combinations. Men have strength but are mentally weak and emotional. Women have control over emotions but are physically less strong than men. Both of their qualities are combined so that they both fit in together as two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Respect all the women around you and understand their importance in your life. 🙂

Thank you

Do not hesitate!

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


Often in life we are not able to make spontaneous decisions. We become unsure of the results and take excess time to decide upon a matter. (I am facing one nowadays and it is really a very difficult decision for me!). We hesitate to even express our ideas and opinions ,in the fear of choosing a wrong path.

Hesitation isn’t healthy. It reduces exposure to world and we often miss out precious moments of our life because of it.

Why do we hesitate?

  • The most common reason for long decision making and hesitation is that we may do something wrong.
  • Or to protect ourselves from making blunders in front of many people (but believe me that isn’t correct)
  • To be apple of others eye in just one attempt/decision.
  • Fear- of rejection,of triggering someone’s anger, of inviting embarrassment, etc

There are some decisions which should be taken without any hesitation:

  1. To choose between an apple and a silky chocolate bar. Now that’s extremely easy!
  2. Topic on which you want to write your blog upon.
  3. Whether you will clean your room up or not. (i know…i won’t)
  4. Sign up for a thing which you are good at but still stuck because you don’t have faith in yourself and your talent.
  5. And the most important one comes the last. If you know you are right in helping some desperate person but feel shy or embarrassed ,then don’t hesitate for a second. Smile is extremely precious. Save it.

How to overcome hesitation?

  • Listen to your heart and not mind when doubt and curiosity surrounds and you feel difficult to escape.
  • Do what is right. If you think you can make someone happy then don’t take too long.
  • Set up a time limit for your decision if you think the options aren’t surrendering.
  • Wait. Think. Act
  • Know what your fears are and try to defeat them.
  • Do new and unique things which will give you more exposure to outer world. This will boost your confidence and enhance your ability to overcome hurdles.
  • And lastly, be social so that you are empowered as well as trained to accept various types of responses from different people. Don’t be overconfident and learn to get reviews as well as suggestions.

Do not hesitate. The world isn’t cruel as you think it is.

Thank you


Muaaah 💋


The necessity for every gorgeous looking girl. Without it you might look plain and uninteresting. That dark pigment on your lips ,highlights and brightens up your look. Keep it in your handbag at all times. You forget it and all is lost!

Yes, I’m talking about the very sweet and flattery lipstick or lip balm. Without it no day can pass, no night can shine and no evening can glitter. ✴ It’s the GLORY and PRIDE for every woman.

One can find all kinds of lippers. Matte and glossy ones can overshadow any other effect. Wear your gloss with a shimmery gown and matte goes best with short single dresses.

Always choose the right shade. The perfect hue can put you to red carpet attention. My favorite is vermillion mixed with baby pink and light crimson color.💄

Your pigmented lips attracts everyone and boost your confidence.You talk and laugh and he stands there staring at you. First impression huh?!

Don’t feel like working or going to office or any other workplace early morning? Make-up (and a cup of coffee 😋) is the easiest way to get you going all day without getting tired.

What magic is in that stick containing the silky pigment ?  It slides ,down, across and around your lips exafoliating, nourishing and beautifying them. Why didn’t we use these before to melt and flatter Mr.Hitler ?

Pretty ladies, let me know which is your favorite shade of lipstick, lip balm or gloss by commenting in the box below. I would love to hear from you. 😁

Thank you 💋