O Heart

This heart a box of memories blue
of silent prayers and a thousand elegies;
of sluggish dawns after a painful loss,
wounding our grief with yesterday.

But O heart heart heart
tattered by the brutal past
Accept what comes from silence
Let light permeate your conscience.

For those, who we have lost, may not return
But oh, there may come a moment of renaissance,
of a vision that’s beautiful and rare,
to heal the bruise I daily wear.

Oh let those crystalline moments shine
like musical notes, ascend forever
For the miles away they ventured;
we’ve still miles to go.

© 2021 | Prerna |

71 thoughts on “O Heart

  1. Welcome back indeed Prerna – it’s been a while. Grief has been a visitor to my life more times than I can honestly say I am comfortable. I found from my chilhood recollections,the night was the worst; fear was my frequent antagonist.Now,in the experience of my adult life, the same antagonist visits at all times of the day and night.My comfort was coming to know that the antagonist has only one stage on which to perform – my mind.It is my mind that carries my loss, my loneliness, my grief. I decided; the stage of my mind belongs to me, I am sole director of all productions on this stage. The antagonist is barred from all performances. Besides, what the antagonist never told me was: “This too shall pass, and the best is yet to come…I send you love and light and many blessings. Peter

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    1. Thank you so much sir. This comment is so beautiful and true. Words to live by. I’ll come here to read this whenever I’ll feel low.
      Sometimes in their pain, people believe that the agony will last forever. But feelings are more like weather systems—they blow in and they blow out.
      Hope you have a lovely day


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