Photo clicked by © Prerna

Unknown roads
in light you see.

Soul, seeking light
for assurance.

Dim the light
darkness in sight, oh

~vision you find~

Oh, sight in darkness
light the dim.

Assurance for
light seeking, Soul.

See you lightin’
roads unknown.

© 2020 | Prerna |

My previous attempt at palindrome poetry: Spaces.

92 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I have no words to explain how symmetric your writing is and what depth you put in your writing. Nicely written! I read your previous poem it’s fantastic and provokes lots of imagery, emotions and expressions. Keep inspiring!

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  2. I remember a picture like yours. I was relaxing behind the trees at a tropical beach, and everything seems nice and ok. (Except from my Sunburn. I’m very white, redhaired (in former days…) and I’m careful. But our luggage was lost, wear, underwear, suncream… Everything o.k.? Yes, we had our money, everything you can buy – but too late for my skin).
    Well, I don’t want to tell about skin problems… No, I want to tell, how beautiful it was. The air, the ocean, the trees, the birds, the itching sand… well, you know. Your picture remembered me.

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  3. Oh Prena I love this poem with such meaning in light and the definition if Palindrome Poetry that so many of our WP friends have been doing.
    Yours flowed so well and seemed so effortless and seamless leading us to light.. 👏👏👏❤️

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  4. Good day.

    Thank you for your poem

    my answer

    Soul is light
    and darkness
    at the same time

    It’s us
    which the light
    to the supposed
    certainty need

    the night rises
    the sun in the shade
    the earth
    in the universe
    the freezing night

    our little consciousness
    under the sun
    the Stars
    a small
    the life
    an insignificant one
    ephemeral light

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  5. This is beautiful, Prerna. I’m myself a poetry enthusiast and I love your poems. I’ve started my own blog few days back. Followed you. Would love to stay connected. All the love.😇🌻🤍

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  6. I was looking for a blog about poetry, and for some reason, I accidentally found your blog and I could say that you’re such a good poet, your writing, your patterns, and strategies, use of words that create a beautiful picture in our minds, and how your creative and imaginative mind made an astonishing piece! 😍

    Well, honestly I know Palindrome poem, actually I’ve read a lot of it but not this one, yours are different when I say different I mean the choices of words and the smooth transition and the changing of the meaning. All is good!👏

    Additionally, I also love writing poems and reading others’ masterpieces to be inspired by them. I admired those poets who are not afraid to push their limits when it comes to writing because it makes them good poets. 💯☺️

    How I wish I could also write a wonderful Palindrome poem like yours and while reading your poems I gain a lot of knowledge. Thank you for this! 💖Continue writing! ✍️

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    1. Wow thank you for this beautiful comment! Your kind words have thrilled me and totally made my day 💖
      Thank you for loving my work. I’m so glad you were able to connect with the poems. It is because of great readers like this, I’m motivated to do more 😀
      And I would love to read your poems!
      Sending love and light your way 💫


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