Swaying with the wind…



Photo challenge: weathered

This picture reflects such a strong message. It calms the ever-chattering mind and gives so much peace and solace; pacifies the soul and fills it with sobriety. The trees swaying with the wind convey that sometimes we must let go of things which disturb our inner peace. At certain times, we must refrain from being a rebel and just go with the flow. We will definitely alleviate; time heals the pain of grief. We just need to synchronize with it and let ourselves loose; not bonding with the complexity.

Another message is that, people who are great and noble-minded do not show off their worth or rank. They are humble and can easily bend, for good and betterment. Just like those tall trees who bow without shame, while the short ones are as stiff as pole, desperately trying make themselves more conspicuous. People who are for-bearing and forgiving do not have to grasp attention, their deeds and righteousness is evident.


~Have a nice day 😊




Pitter patter…


The raindrop that feels cool on your face has gone through a lot of heat and pressure. It has survived the storms of distress and suppression, but still remains pure and clear. It is only because of the heat, that the raindrop has discovered new realms and colors of the universe.

These storms are a complimentary and unwanted item in every one’s plate of life. It’s how we embrace them and change the odds into evens, while still maintaining our original form.

“We will appreciate the brightness only when we face the darkness”



~Have a nice day 🙂


Lessons from ‘water’ 🌊

Image result for water wallpaper

Water is the elixir of life. It represents the soul of an ideal human, beautifully and artfully. We already know the characteristics and properties of water but have we ever looked out for the deeper meaning?

~Water dissolves most of the substances in it. It is a universal solvent.

One should embrace all the positivity and let all the negativity be the residue. We should accept people the way they are. Molding people according to our ways destroy their own essence and beauty.

~Pure water is transparent and crystal clear.

This tells us to have pure and magnanimous heart as well as soul. Having a hidden face or personality can have deleterious effects and break the trust of loved ones.

~Water is unconfined and flows fluently

One must learn to let go off things that are disturbing and make one restless. Keep the life smooth and easy. Forgetting the past and moving on helps a lot to make you live in the present.

~Stagnant water attracts diseases

Halted situations or circumstances may have adverse consequences as well as an unhealthy environment.

~Water takes the shape of it’s container

One cannot always rule their idea or opinion. We must learn to adjust to the situation sometimes, if it’s not in our favor.

~Water is tasteless, colorless, odorless and shapeless

Simplicity is always appreciated as it reduces complications in life.


We should be like water. Having a philanthropic personality that soothes everybody, makes the life of a human more meaningful and fruitful.


~~~~~~”Empty your mind and be formless like water”~~~~~~





Shhh! listen what the river says…

via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


“Just be like me and you will have your life filled with glee. Always keep moving towards your destination. Don’t look back when life turns a sharp corner. Just like blossoms and fish sail along with me, there would be people who will always be at your side, whatever the circumstances might be. Don’t loose hope when you come across an obstacle, embrace it, make your way and keep flowing.”

~The river 🌊

Do not hesitate!

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


Often in life we are not able to make spontaneous decisions. We become unsure of the results and take excess time to decide upon a matter. (I am facing one nowadays and it is really a very difficult decision for me!). We hesitate to even express our ideas and opinions ,in the fear of choosing a wrong path.

Hesitation isn’t healthy. It reduces exposure to world and we often miss out precious moments of our life because of it.

Why do we hesitate?

  • The most common reason for long decision making and hesitation is that we may do something wrong.
  • Or to protect ourselves from making blunders in front of many people (but believe me that isn’t correct)
  • To be apple of others eye in just one attempt/decision.
  • Fear- of rejection,of triggering someone’s anger, of inviting embarrassment, etc

There are some decisions which should be taken without any hesitation:

  1. To choose between an apple and a silky chocolate bar. Now that’s extremely easy!
  2. Topic on which you want to write your blog upon.
  3. Whether you will clean your room up or not. (i know…i won’t)
  4. Sign up for a thing which you are good at but still stuck because you don’t have faith in yourself and your talent.
  5. And the most important one comes the last. If you know you are right in helping some desperate person but feel shy or embarrassed ,then don’t hesitate for a second. Smile is extremely precious. Save it.

How to overcome hesitation?

  • Listen to your heart and not mind when doubt and curiosity surrounds and you feel difficult to escape.
  • Do what is right. If you think you can make someone happy then don’t take too long.
  • Set up a time limit for your decision if you think the options aren’t surrendering.
  • Wait. Think. Act
  • Know what your fears are and try to defeat them.
  • Do new and unique things which will give you more exposure to outer world. This will boost your confidence and enhance your ability to overcome hurdles.
  • And lastly, be social so that you are empowered as well as trained to accept various types of responses from different people. Don’t be overconfident and learn to get reviews as well as suggestions.

Do not hesitate. The world isn’t cruel as you think it is.

Thank you


Self respect: a jewel💎


“Self respect starts with you”

I came across a limping old lady on the other side of a busy path yesterday. She wanted to cross this path where a lot of people were busy cycling, walking and jogging and there was a lot of moving rush. I thought that she wouldn’t be able to cross this path without guidance. She might get knocked out by someone with earphones, fall and hurt herself. I approached her and politely asked if I could be of any help to her. She got quite agitated and replied to me in a painful yet bold tone that she could handle herself better. We had a substantially long conversation. She expressed herself beautifully.

She had grown strong over years and did not want anyone to take advantage of her disabilities or yet even have pity on her. She did not wanted any help from any person unless it becomes absolutely necessary , as it hurts her  SELF RESPECT. She gave a wide message to all the disabled people who have already fallen down from deep within. And introduced an effort to delete those three numbing letters from ‘dis’abled. A struggle to live a normal, special and happy life.

I realised that everybody use ‘self respect’ in their own way but all mean the same- to respect oneself and to rise in one’s own eyes before admiring or respecting some other person.

Do not expect people to respect you if you let you disrespect yourself. It’s not ego. EGO is negative. Self respect is positive and as precious as a jewel.

If you are a bit dark complexioned and sometimes you do feel a bit low amongst fair people (I am not a racist okay!) . If you think that you are being discriminated against. Of course you have to raise a voice but for a moment just think and laugh about the time when you felt happy wiping your black butt with white toilet paper. It might change the way you look at yourself and consider yourself no less than others. SO RECONSIDER !

Self respect can also be associated with one’s love and respect for one’s own country. Respect the place where you live in and connected with, and only then can you expect people to respect your place.

Respect yourself. Don’t let anybody hurt your dignity. There was a real incident which happened few days ago wherein a street cobbler refused to accept the coin which was thrown at him disrespectfully in return of his service. He told the customer that he need to be respected for his effort and that he couldn’t lose his self respect and dignity at any cost.


“If nobody holds your hand, put your hands in the pocket and move on”.

Don’t let yourself down to make other people happy. If they are true friends then they will accept and respect you the way you are. They will be happy to see your success. There are some people who always want to let you down. They often break your heart and you still expect them to get better the next moment. Turn a deaf ear towards them. They are not to be taken along ,in the journey of life.

Living individually with respect is better than being in company which discourages and does not value you. Respect and identity are the first things you own/possess. They are the priorities. They should be given love before anything or anyone else. One can loose parents, friends and relatives but respect for oneself (and from others) when once lost can be very difficult to gain back.

You may survive without respect, dignity or honor from the outside but your soul might harden or injure.

~From a respected me 😃