The Soul of Flame

Photo clicked by © Prerna

O dear, be like the flame

one with inner peace and tranquility

that those who try to shatter

will get shattered themselves

in the radiance of your eternal soul…

Grow more every moment

more than before

don’t forget your roots

you will flicker at times

you will lose your sanity;

lose the permanence

but don’t lose hope…

Let your aura announce

the presence of a dazzling soul

with an inevitable influence

of warmth and compassion

for all those who are, and are not

familiar with your true self…

After adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image, you can see the beautiful aura around the flame. Certainly, a lot of things go unnoticed!

© 2020 | Prerna |

76 thoughts on “The Soul of Flame

  1. Wow. That’s a beautiful image. We take so many things for granted and never truly notice them. I loved the imagery in your poem and the way you compared life to a flame. Beautifully written ❤️

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  2. Really wonderful. Love the idea of hope and the little bit of beauty that goes unnoticed. This poem is very soothing too. The flame in itself is amazing. Hopeful, I’d say!

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  3. “Your words are the flame of the candle stick burning forever
    as its fiery hot blaze melt snow upon the crown of the mountain
    as wild animals growls *&* roars echo from afar *&* fry in the flames of your creativity.”_-Van Prince

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