Luminary Harmonies: The Dance of Heart and Mind

Can you savor the shift in seasons
crafting anew upon your heart’s page
Can you perceive reason’s burning embers
igniting a renaissance within your artistic stage

Can you perceive the withering river’s flow
where thoughts no longer hold dominion
Can you discern the cries of a generous soul
pouring into battles long forgotten

Can you caress the psyche of a poet
eyes ablaze, piercing through thy very core
Perhaps you may try, yet thy mind cannot escape oblivion
For the heart’s domain dwells in realms galore

Heart or mind, which path shall I tread
Which sustenance shall nourish my being
facts or sentiments, which shall be fed
whence shall my spirit find eternal meaning

The mind, a wanderer, prone to roam
seeking liberation from its captive plight
Yet in its absence, the heart finds home
for the two are intertwined, casting eternal light.

© 2023 | Prerna |

O Heart

This heart a box of memories blue
of silent prayers and a thousand elegies;
of sluggish dawns after a painful loss,
wounding our grief with yesterday.

But O heart heart heart
tattered by the brutal past
Accept what comes from silence
Let light permeate your conscience.

For those, who we have lost, may not return
But oh, there may come a moment of renaissance,
of a vision that’s beautiful and rare,
to heal the bruise I daily wear.

Oh let those crystalline moments shine
like musical notes, ascend forever
For the miles away they ventured;
we’ve still miles to go.

© 2021 | Prerna |