Do not hesitate!

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


Often in life we are not able to make spontaneous decisions. We become unsure of the results and take excess time to decide upon a matter. (I am facing one nowadays and it is really a very difficult decision for me!). We hesitate to even express our ideas and opinions ,in the fear of choosing a wrong path.

Hesitation isn’t healthy. It reduces exposure to world and we often miss out precious moments of our life because of it.

Why do we hesitate?

  • The most common reason for long decision making and hesitation is that we may do something wrong.
  • Or to protect ourselves from making blunders in front of many people (but believe me that isn’t correct)
  • To be apple of others eye in just one attempt/decision.
  • Fear- of rejection,of triggering someone’s anger, of inviting embarrassment, etc

There are some decisions which should be taken without any hesitation:

  1. To choose between an apple and a silky chocolate bar. Now that’s extremely easy!
  2. Topic on which you want to write your blog upon.
  3. Whether you will clean your room up or not. (i know…i won’t)
  4. Sign up for a thing which you are good at but still stuck because you don’t have faith in yourself and your talent.
  5. And the most important one comes the last. If you know you are right in helping some desperate person but feel shy or embarrassed ,then don’t hesitate for a second. Smile is extremely precious. Save it.

How to overcome hesitation?

  • Listen to your heart and not mind when doubt and curiosity surrounds and you feel difficult to escape.
  • Do what is right. If you think you can make someone happy then don’t take too long.
  • Set up a time limit for your decision if you think the options aren’t surrendering.
  • Wait. Think. Act
  • Know what your fears are and try to defeat them.
  • Do new and unique things which will give you more exposure to outer world. This will boost your confidence and enhance your ability to overcome hurdles.
  • And lastly, be social so that you are empowered as well as trained to accept various types of responses from different people. Don’t be overconfident and learn to get reviews as well as suggestions.

Do not hesitate. The world isn’t cruel as you think it is.

Thank you


Winter reminds me of my childhood

Many of us find winters boring and depressing. But we all have to accept that there’s something with every season which reminds us of some very old moments of life.

We all might seen those silly antics of children in winters where they compete with their peers to blow out the longest ring of fog from their mouths on a chill foggy winter morning. Haha ! That sounds funny but you must accept that we might have done the same.

Drawing stick figures, writing names and scribbling some crazy stuff on the bus window on a Winter morning while going to school. Even we like that sometimes as a pastime activity. If it isn’t a foggy day , no problem, nothing gets into an artist’s way… Just exhale on the window and your canvas is ready !! They are born Picassos.

The safe smoking for all those who have the habit. Just tell that irritated person “hey dude just blowing out foggy air, take a chill pill !!”

No sweat. Means no bath. Means agitated parents…Can somebody tell them that they are saving water for the future ?!

So this one is dedicated for all the tech savvy people over here. Need to warm up your hands wearing gloves and text a message on a touch phone ? Nah! Not at the same time. Please tell the scientists to invent touch enabled gloves.

Not a day goes without having a fight with your sibling on occasional trips to the heater. Heat is to be shared too !

How to maintain your body temperature while sleeping on a winter night. Both legs in the blanket…Too warm. Both legs out…Too cold. One leg out one leg in ? Yeah that’s perfect !!!

Based on my own experience and you might agree with the points listed above too !

Have a great season 🙂

Thank you