Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings. Suddenly, so many things become so little when we realize how blessed and lucky we are.

I am thankful for…

  1. Just being Prerna, myself
  2. Being alive and to be fortunate enough to see the sun rise every day.
  3. A crazy sister whose presence is something I value and enjoy.
  4. Homely home and worldly pleasures
  5. My height. Can look straight above all heads 😂
  6. All the sweet food and much-upons.
  7. Having such close connection to nature, understanding it well and getting highly influenced by it 😊.
  8. My flowing long hair which compliment me so well.
  9. How can I forget the novels? They are my life and my pride.
  10. The wonderful opportunity to start a blog and the height this site has achieved till date.
  11. Terrific and incredible friends who have matched shoulder with me in every situation, as well as played a leading role in all the nuisance we created !!
  12. Blogger friends; picked exclusively from different corners of the world, who have motivated and inspired me throughout this blogging journey of mine.
  13. All the adventures and misadventures, which have taught me important lessons of life in the most indirect ways!
  14. My comfy pillow and cosy quilt
  15. Science!!
  16. Healthy eyes and not having to bear the torment of spectacles.
  17. A brain that has made me achieve so much praise and honor.
  18. The smile on my face 😊.
  19. Having a good sleep everyday!! 💤
  20. All the love that gets showered on me by so many people who make me feel that I am really needed in their lives 💜.

And the counting goes on…

~~”Start each day with a grateful heart”~~

Prerna @besondersite


A thank you note to my enemies

It may sound funny to some of you but yes you read it right. I want to thank all the people who oppose me and always point out problems for the solutions I give . These people make me realize that I am not the BEST . Because of them I have the courage to face my failures and make myself better each day.

These so called enemies are actually my hidden friends who make me tougher and more prepared for the over head journey of life.

These people are like the opposing party in a democratic country who by revealing the downs of policy introduced by the ruling party, actually make them better for the country.

Nobody faces acceptance at once. You take time to adjust in a new kind of environment. The people who found the faults in me actually made me more suitable and adjusting in my new atmosphere.

Albert Einstein at first was made fun of by the whole world but that only made him more passionate. He took it as a challenge and turned the negatives into positive.

Be unique. Even if you don’t like them you still know deep inside your heart a voice saying “got this because of her/him  🙂 ”

So, may my enemies live long to taste my success :p



~Prerna @besondersite