Darkness: evil or good ?

Many of us are scared of a dark room or a dark road. We consider it a sign of evilry, sadness and misery. People dress in a black attire while attending funerals or on a sad occasion (in some countries). Even a ray of light from the translucent or opaque windows gives us a ray of hope. The familiar voices are comforting when opaqueness surrounds you and you feel claustrophobic.

But let go off your fears for a moment and think about the privacy and the ‘me time’ which darkness provides.  I savour the few minutes of solitude and freedom which darkness provides me during light failures.

In a daily routine of so much hustle bustle, tension and anxiety I feel more relaxed and relieved when lights go off. The world is full of bright colors. Even your clothes which you wear everyday are having colors… so why not enjoy that moment which gives your eyes a rest from that abundance of colors ,giving you a plain background ?

Is it a light failure ? Don’t pick up a torch or your mobile phone for light, just sit and feel the beauty and essence of darkness for a moment.

For all those who took that above line too seriously: please do use assistive mobile torch while walking on a deserted and dark street lest you fall into that borehole or puddle !