What gives you happiness ?

It was International Happiness Day yesterday !! I realized it after reading Kayla’s post.

“Happiness cannot be defined only with words…it is felt from deep within”

A small red ladybug in my garden marked the arrival of spring. Small children were delighted to see it and were beaming with happiness. That teeny weeny creature made the environment around it, so buoyant and jolly !!

The smile on a naughty child’s face glows with glee when a bar of chocolate is offered to him.

The very tempting aroma of grilled barbecue lunch gives my nose so much satisfaction.

Being in the aura of gracious, compassionate and inspiring people, inflicts so much positivity  in the atmosphere and makes us so optimistic.

When you are healthy and fit, you feel confident and assured.

Green always calms and soothes me. I love to see washed up leaves and lushness around me.

The sound produced by the torrential rain hitting the porch is always so engaging and refreshing. I really enjoy it!  Artificial and man-made sounds are not as interesting as the natural ones. Agree ?

Wearing a dress that you haven’t worn for ages !  The level of belongingness suddenly rises up 😄

What’s makes you happy ? There might be many things !



Thank you 🙂