Unusual landscapes


Photo challenge: Unusual

Isn’t it amazing to experience all the variations and colors of life while standing at one location ?! The startling divergence of textures and hues in this scenery certainly captured my heart.

Greenery flourishes alongside the golden dryness. Sandy mountains stand before the blinding snow covered peaks. And the river flows despite of all the differences, adding a glimmer to wherever it flows.

Whoever has laid out such wonders before me, here I stand and admire his creation…

~Prerna @besondersite

The pinnacle 🗻

I survived 7 days without wifi and network !! I feel on top of the world !!

Wait, I am ACTUALLY on top of the world, at Khardungla pass – world’s highest motorable road which is approximately 18000 ft, in Leh-Ladakh 😀.

Leh- ladakh has got unrivaled beauty and solitude. You won’t believe that this is the place where there is acuteness of oxygen, sparse vegetation, lack of electricity, weak signals of wifi as well as network…. And this makes the place adventurous and all the more captivating. The place seems to be a great attention seeker!

The locals in Leh-Ladakh live a very simple lifestyle. They are polite, friendly, optimistic and united- all the characteristics which define an ideal human. Talking to them is always very pleasing. A group of lovely ladies greeted me with a wide smile. I felt so nice and comfortable 😊.


People here have a great vision and they can sense things better than us. They are highly experienced people who survive the extreme with a cosy smile every single day. Yes! They are warriors and valient heroes.

The clouds soaring in the divine sky tenderly kiss the mountain peaks to form an eye catching and peaceful scenery.


Wherever you go in leh -ladakh you will always find mountains standing tall and high, looking down upon you with curiosity and eagerness. It seems as if each one of them has a story to tell. A story in which they reveal their glory, experience and wisdom.

It’s the place where you can click hundreds of pictures and still can’t get satisfaction! Every new corner unleashes a mesmerising scene accompanied by goddess of beauty.

We drank apricot walnut saffron tea. Natural sweetness of apricot and occasional crunchiness of walnut makes the drink heavenly.

Ever seen a circle rainbow ? 360 degrees ? Wonderful phenomenon it surely is 🌈!!


The sky obsessed with it’s alluring appearance looks down to see it’s reflection in the crystal clear water of Pangong lake.


And the wind that flows, aesthetically carves the sand dunes in Nubra valley.


Can I forget the deadly experience I had in the snowstorm?! My hair were turning white with snow flakes 😂, toes were numb and I am surprised how I was still alive without my jacket on!

There’s always a fight between sun and wind. So we experienced all kinds of weather at the same place 😂. One moment you are a stuffed teddy bear and next moment, sun suddenly becomes dominant and all you can do is to remove all the warm clothes off!

So… What I learnt from this trip?

Beauty lies in simplicity. Your inner self reflects your outer vision.

And as always, nature did not fail to impress me. It once again struck the chords of my heart 😊.

~Have a nice day !!

Shhh! listen what the river says…

via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


“Just be like me and you will have your life filled with glee. Always keep moving towards your destination. Don’t look back when life turns a sharp corner. Just like blossoms and fish sail along with me, there would be people who will always be at your side, whatever the circumstances might be. Don’t loose hope when you come across an obstacle, embrace it, make your way and keep flowing.”

~The river 🌊

Photo Challenge: Earth

IMG_20161112_102959_1492620713356.jpgvia Photo Challenge: Earth

I walk around the forest ,admiring the wilderness

As the melodious chirping of birds

Gives me a sense of belongingness

The damp soil gives an earthly smell

Echo of a peacock’s call, I can tell

A new stream of water trickles down the hill

And the majestic flight of a gill

Only on this land have they taken their birth

Proudly I can say, “Yes! this is my Earth”



Thank you 🙂

National Earth Day- 22nd April

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The Earth is a ‘mother’ to all of us. She nurtures and nourishes every creation dwelling on it. Yes! we flourish in her bosom. Therefore, recognizing her as ‘it’ won’t be fair. Her selfless love and care is the reason behind our survival on this planet. SHE sacrifices her resources for the welfare of mankind and still tolerates the load of villainy upon her with a faint smile. Without her where would we be ? And yet we celebrate only one day annually as ‘the Earth day’. For everything our mother earth has done for us, I think every single day should be dedicated to her…and only her.

The trees have grown miserable. Their branches are being cut down and then slowly they disappear. Where have they gone ? Into the houses, furniture, pencils and what not. Be thankful for the medicines you drink with a scowl on your face ,for they too have been extracted from trees and plants.

The lush green rolling fields would now only be seen in movies and animated films for they are gradually turning into sandy Martian deserts.

The water. It’s abundance is turning out to be its acuteness. The water bodies are being misunderstood as open dustbins and dumping areas. We can’t tolerate if somebody throws a packet of chips in front of our home. Are we realizing that we are destroying not only the habitat of thousand aquatic species but also ,the source because of which life mainly exists ?

“The existence of a thing is not valued until it finally vanishes”

We are inviting OUR  destruction. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become our last ‘Earth Day”.

A message from our mother earth,” My blessings are with you dear children, I care for you, let me know if you do the same”.






What are you planning to do ?




It Glitters✨

via Daily Prompt: Glitter

“Not everything that glitters is gold”. It might be more. Nature is more precious than any wealth. The most beautiful and valuable. Why talk  about artificial and man made shine,lustre or glitter when God has provided the best shine to this world through nature.

The leaves shine and glitter after being washed up by raindrops. They look fresh and aglow with youthfulness. 🌿

The raindrops shine out in 7 colors when sunlight embraces it. 🌈

A twinkle in a mother’s eye showing love and affection for the little one is no less than the prettiest glitter on an actress’s dress.👀

The beautiful shades of the azzure sky reflect in the ocean water with a perfect glaze and shine. The water glitters in between the waves. 🌅

The shine and the lustre of the silk robe on a maiden’s body. 👘

The sky glittering with luminous stars above a busy town defeats today’s pollution and outshines even the shining diamond necklace of Elizabeth. 🌃🌌

The tinkling bangles on a women’s wrist shine with pride of that being an essential part of the family. 💫 The bangles serve as lustrous tokens to radiant lives.

All these things are present around us, not very far away. We just don’t notice them much. They want more recognition. Let’s admire the natural things that glitter and shine around us.