One lovely blog award!!


I have been nominated for many glorious awards recently and I was not able to do the posts for them. Please accept my apologies and thank you for thinking of me as worthy of those lovely awards 😊.

Rishabh nominated me for “the lovely blogger award”. He writes wonderfully and is going to start writing book reviews which I’m looking very much forward to !!



( Bonus facts to make up for other awards too! )

  1. I absolutely hate lizards and turn totally insane when the pesky little thing enters my room!!
  2. I love eating different cuisines and trying out new things.
  3. I am really good at making PowerPoint presentations.
  4. I love to do coding with python and Java in my free time.
  5. I love traveling.
  6. I am very much nocturnal.
  7. I love horses and giraffes ( we are very alike )  !!
  8. Snow clad mountains are my type of place!
  9. I love photography and blogging.
  10. I am good at nail art but I cannot put an eyeliner nicely.
  11. And I have a good sense of humour!!
  12. I love wild Flora and fauna!!
  13. I like playing basketball, badminton and table tennis (basketball being my favorite!).
  14. I do not like chocolates at all! (But I can eat a choco fudge cake or brownie with utmost delight 😋 yumm! I won’t share! )


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These are my recent blogger-friends. If I have missed out somebody, please consider yourself nominated too! Let’s spread the bogging love 💜.

And..and..and…I would feel so happy if you do the post as I would love to know more about you guys 😁.

~Have a nice day !!

Thursday doors


This is the outer view of a houseboat in Kashmir. So, you needn’t be dead to visit heaven, just visit Kashmir alive. The place is no less than heaven ✨. I have  stayed in a houseboat for a few days and it was a wonderful experience to be surrounded with calming water !! The houseboat is very well furnished from inside and the stay was very comfortable. I want to go there once again!!


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American time).

What if…


  • What could happen if it always rained on Saturdays?

Other days of the week would have grown jealous of the special affection that Mr. Saturday gets.

  • What if cars never wore out?

Humans would grow old, wear out and cars won’t? This is so unfair!

  • If you saw a mouse in your backyard chewing your mother’s favorite flowers, what would you do?

I would give the mouse something better to eat, maybe a piece of cheese?! And if the flowers are already half chewed, then obviously they aren’t worth putting in the vase.

  • Why don’t we wake up with our hair neat and combed?

Maybe, the hair strands party till late night and become so washed out that we find them in the morning as a mass put shabbily on the head!

  • What would happen if a cow, a bee, and a horse got together?

moo-buzz-neigh choir!

  • What could happen if cats could bark?

They would be called dogs.

  • What could happen if all the shoes in the world were the same size?


(inside a small fitting shoe)

1st toe- I am being sqeeeezed!

2nd toe- No you can’t! You are just too fat.

3rd toe- Excuse me! I think I just peed.

4th toe-  *pushes the 3rd toe*  The baby toe needs space!

5th toe- WHAAA!!!


This is so interesting! What are your answers ? I would love to hear them! There are always multiple solutions to problems. That’s what creative thinking is!!

A thought : Simplicity

What makes you look rich and dashing? Vero Moda dresses? puffs of blush? flattery heels ? No, please, they don’t !!

“Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart”

I have a fact that I learnt very recently: The human flesh is so bad that even scavengers don’t prefer to eat it after the death of a person.

So, why have so much obsession with body that has to be ceased and destroyed naturally someday?

The trees still look elegant when they have shed all their glossy shiny leaves; leaves which used to perch merrily upon the branches.

The desert’s beauty is that it looks simple yet is full of life, hidden places and expresses the soul.

Aren’t the black-and-white and monochrome images appealing?

Your beauty does nothing good to others, in fact beauty itself depends upon simplicity 🙂

We need to adorn ourselves with jewels of humanity and empathy so that we can approach the lower half of the society and help them. They do not feel comfortable to have interaction with people wearing suits, golden watches and all the classy stuff garnished with a fistful of pride.

To understand them we need to sit on the same rug, eat the same food and be a good listener.

Simplicity destroys all the complications. It makes our lives so happy ,carefree and devoid of any anxiety or stress.

Glamorize and embellish yourself from inside, with empathy, love and care and only then can you prosper as a beautiful human being.


Have simple and happy days ahead 🙂

‘She’ is the ‘One’


“Women are the builders of the society.” Without them, no country can progress and no family can be complete. She is the best example of humanity. She changes the plain word ‘love’ into a beautiful emotion.

Why celebrate only one day as Women’s Day, when thousands of women help and support us every single day- the biggest role being played by mothers. She sacrifices her happiness and comfort for her family. She deserves at least two hours of her ‘me-time’ for all that she has done for you ,from the time she had you in her tummy. A mothers role cannot be played by anybody except her.

A woman cannot see anybody in pain and is always there to care even if the person is unknown. She can’t hurt anybody. She treats every child as her own, every other woman as her sister or mother and every male as her brother or father.

We have a patriarchal society. There are people who want a baby boy as their descendant or heir. And some more great people who will accept a baby girl only to hope that she will become Kalpana Chawla or a world known personality someday. Are housewives any less ? They are on a 24 hour duty at home. Clean the home. Babysitting. Washing clothes or dishes. Teach the child and all kinds of work that we can’t even imagine. They are popular, known and a role model for kids, family and society. Yes they are !! They are no less than celebrities and need the most appreciation.

Fact : Men are highly dependent on women. Accept it.

Women are the internet or encyclopedia, who know EVERYTHING.

Can’t find your socks, shoes, laptop, clothes, stationery, kitchen item? Mom will find and give it to you in less than a minute.

Can’t solve a maths problem? Your teacher can explain and teach you wonders.

Every woman is beautiful. There are no criterions for judging the appearance of a person. “Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder”.

God has created men and women as wonderful combinations. Men have strength but are mentally weak and emotional. Women have control over emotions but are physically less strong than men. Both of their qualities are combined so that they both fit in together as two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Respect all the women around you and understand their importance in your life. 🙂

Thank you

Self respect: a jewel💎


“Self respect starts with you”

I came across a limping old lady on the other side of a busy path yesterday. She wanted to cross this path where a lot of people were busy cycling, walking and jogging and there was a lot of moving rush. I thought that she wouldn’t be able to cross this path without guidance. She might get knocked out by someone with earphones, fall and hurt herself. I approached her and politely asked if I could be of any help to her. She got quite agitated and replied to me in a painful yet bold tone that she could handle herself better. We had a substantially long conversation. She expressed herself beautifully.

She had grown strong over years and did not want anyone to take advantage of her disabilities or yet even have pity on her. She did not wanted any help from any person unless it becomes absolutely necessary , as it hurts her  SELF RESPECT. She gave a wide message to all the disabled people who have already fallen down from deep within. And introduced an effort to delete those three numbing letters from ‘dis’abled. A struggle to live a normal, special and happy life.

I realised that everybody use ‘self respect’ in their own way but all mean the same- to respect oneself and to rise in one’s own eyes before admiring or respecting some other person.

Do not expect people to respect you if you let you disrespect yourself. It’s not ego. EGO is negative. Self respect is positive and as precious as a jewel.

Self respect can also be associated with one’s love and respect for one’s own country. Respect the place where you live in and connected with, and only then can you expect people to respect your place.

Respect yourself. Don’t let anybody hurt your dignity. There was a real incident which happened few days ago wherein a street cobbler refused to accept the coin which was thrown at him disrespectfully in return of his service. He told the customer that he need to be respected for his effort and that he couldn’t lose his self respect and dignity at any cost.


“If nobody holds your hand, put your hands in the pocket and move on”.

Don’t let yourself down to make other people happy. If they are true friends then they will accept and respect you the way you are. They will be happy to see your success. There are some people who always want to let you down. They often break your heart and you still expect them to get better the next moment. Turn a deaf ear towards them. They are not to be taken along ,in the journey of life.

Living individually with respect is better than being in company which discourages and does not value you. Respect and identity are the first things you own/possess. They are the priorities. They should be given love before anything or anyone else. One can loose parents, friends and relatives but respect for oneself (and from others) when once lost can be very difficult to gain back.

You may survive without respect, dignity or honor from the outside but your soul might get wounded.

~From a respected me 😃

A thank you note to my enemies

It may sound funny to some of you but yes you read it right. I want to thank all the people who oppose me and always point out problems for the solutions I give . These people make me realize that I am not the BEST . Because of them I have the courage to face my failures and make myself better each day.

These so called enemies are actually my hidden friends who make me tougher and more prepared for the over head journey of life.

These people are like the opposing party in a democratic country who by revealing the downs of policy introduced by the ruling party, actually make them better for the country.

Nobody faces acceptance at once. You take time to adjust in a new kind of environment. The people who found the faults in me actually made me more suitable and adjusting in my new atmosphere.

Albert Einstein at first was made fun of by the whole world but that only made him more passionate. He took it as a challenge and turned the negatives into positive.

Be unique. Even if you don’t like them you still know deep inside your heart a voice saying “got this because of her/him  🙂 ”

So, may my enemies live long to taste my success :p



~Prerna @besondersite


Bullying refers to the act of harassing someone mentally or physically. It can take way through the social media which results in cyber bullying.

Bullying happens on the basis of

  • Caste, creed , relegion, nationality etc
  • Type of clothing and general attitude also adds to the list.

Major victims are teenagers as they are on an ascend to more of social interaction with the world. The victims face anxiety and depression due to this hard look and attitude from their peers. This also leads to low self confidence, low self esteem, less social interactions and consciousness about oneself.

Ragging in colleges and peer pressure are sub types of bullying.

People who bully consider themselves superior, overconfident and flawless that is why they tend to disrespect and insult others. Sometimes, the stressed and depressed victims tend to attempt suicides ,murders and other crimes which in turn forms a chain of unruly activities.

Bullying can happen in schools, societies, malls, workplaces etc. It should especially be controlled and stopped in school by teachers as they can educate us and show us the brighter path. In societies, parents, neighbors and RWA should keep a check on these activities and make the children aware of the consequences.

Major bullying is given the punishment of jail sentence while minor ones can handled and managed.

So let’s end bullying , make people our buddies, accept them the way they are and spread solidarity in the world.