Wake up!

Defeat your bed and wake up because…

There are birds chirping in the balcony trying to gather attention,🐦

So you need to wave to your fans!

There is someone who wants to give you a tight hug 💞

And you know you have to return the same!

Poor bed is tired of holding you up!

Have some pity, dear 😊

I won’t like drenching you with a bucket full of water!!

And you won’t like the bed-bath either!😂

The last piece of chocolate in the fridge is going to disappear soon!


And someone’s trying to click your pic while you’re asleep 😶

Get Set Pose!



~Have a sleepy  umm….nice day 😀




The Irony…

Here I am again !! Today I was again reminded of me being so tall !! I don’t mind it a lot but, all the attention I get always makes me so nervous and conscious.

Worst parts about being exceptionally tall:


“You might be playing basketball, right ?! “. Well, I do play basketball and I am really fond of it but I don’t think that’s the EXACT reason for being tall. There are many more tall people who do not play that sport and are still forced to answer “yes” to avoid the disappointment  and embarrassment.


And who else can you expect to come and help your mom get the crockery, blankets, books etc etc out of the topmost cupboard ?


I grab on the longest jeans or pants only to realize that the waist length is triple my waist!


especially while playing hide and seek with my sister! You can see my head popping out of places where I can’t fit. And one can easily recognize me from the backside- the head held up high and knocking itself on the roof of the bus during a rocky ride.


while going through low roofed passageways ,and I can’t even stand upon the bed due to the fear of cutting my head with the deadly fan above!! Not the favorite one at all !


I haven’t yet found sufficient number of people who are taller than me !! (I have met very few). So, that means I am Gulliver-the giant one !


It’s really very awkward to tilt your head 45 degree downwards to look at somebody who is older than you.


Getting cut halfway out of the selfies 😐


Many of the tall people here might be able to relate to this 🙂


Thank You


Frenzy !!

So today I am extremely happy. I got so many gifts from Dad. Some things in account for the festival of colors-holi and other random things. I feel so lucky 🙂

(Well,  as you can see ,this is a very random post!)

Holi is one of my favorite festivals. It’s the only time when I won’t be scolded for getting messy and coming home with a wet dress or a face smeared with powdered color. We have already started celebrating. 💦 Water balloons can be seen soaring high in the sky and coming down on somebody’s head with quite an audible splash ! ( And the best part-nobody would even mind). You must have a look at this tempting weapon.


You can even see a pink aerobie ring. It’s amazing !! The speed at which it soars can knock anybody’s head off their body. (Hey, I am serious here!)

And there’s a giant photo backdrop sheet for birthday parties and other functions. It’s pretty big. 65 in X 70.87 in. *Time for a selfie*

OMG!! I just popped one whole red chilli into my mouth for fun while writing this. An act of bravery !! My mouth is on fire🔥 I need a water break.🍶

Excuse me…

Winter reminds me of my childhood

Many of us find winters boring and depressing. But we all have to accept that there’s something with every season which reminds us of some very old moments of life.

We all might seen those silly antics of children in winters where they compete with their peers to blow out the longest ring of fog from their mouths on a chill foggy winter morning. Haha ! That sounds funny but you must accept that we might have done the same.

Drawing stick figures, writing names and scribbling some crazy stuff on the bus window on a Winter morning while going to school. Even we like that sometimes as a pastime activity. If it isn’t a foggy day , no problem, nothing gets into an artist’s way… Just exhale on the window and your canvas is ready !! They are born Picassos.

The safe smoking for all those who have the habit. Just tell that irritated person “hey dude just blowing out foggy air, take a chill pill !!”

No sweat. Means no bath. Means agitated parents…Can somebody tell them that they are saving water for the future ?!

So this one is dedicated for all the tech savvy people over here. Need to warm up your hands wearing gloves and text a message on a touch phone ? Nah! Not at the same time. Please tell the scientists to invent touch enabled gloves.

Not a day goes without having a fight with your sibling on occasional trips to the heater. Heat is to be shared too !

How to maintain your body temperature while sleeping on a winter night. Both legs in the blanket…Too warm. Both legs out…Too cold. One leg out one leg in ? Yeah that’s perfect !!!

Based on my own experience and you might agree with the points listed above too !

Have a great season 🙂

Thank you