Divine spaces
in stirring souls
Nebulae between stars
Fields between particles
Blackouts between dreams
Crackling, sparks between flames
Ascent and descent between notes
Stillness between breaths
I am somewhere between
tripping and rising
Unfathomable sigh 
~Inside spaces~
Sigh unfathomable
Rising and tripping
Between somewhere am I
Breaths between stillness
Notes between descent and ascent
Flames between sparks, crackling
Dreams between blackouts
Particles between fields
Stars between nebulae
Souls stirring in
spaces divine

© 2020 | Prerna |

211 thoughts on “Spaces

  1. This is so cool and beautifully written, Prerna! I love this so much!! Such a creative idea and you carried it out so well 🥰💕
    Love these lines especially:
    “I am somewhere between
    tripping and rising”
    So beautiful!

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  2. Wow, this is fantastic! Reading through it, it felt very wave like yet reflective… then finding out it was a palindrome it all made sense as to how the symmetry felt so perfect by the end! Never saw a poem of this style before. Wonderful work!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Prerna… thank you for your kindness, truly. Really warms my heart in such a wonderful-feeling way. 🥰🙏💖 Yes this poem is really brilliant. 🔆🤩

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