In the mist

Photo clicked by © Prerna

Gone are the
sharp contours
Mellowed down
are the shades
of black and brown
Grey and greyer
Darkness bright
and shady light.

In the mist of it all
I set forth on
a familiar track
unfamiliar now it seems
Never have I ever
ventured into the unknown
well-known now it seems

For new depths
am I exploring
of a spiritual realm
veiled by the
soft translucence
of earth’s moist breath

In the mist of it all
oblivion I cross
and as it d i s s o l v e d
into my cold
selfish palms
it did plant
a last vapoury kiss

Clear is it now
both within and without

© 2020 | Prerna |

200 thoughts on “In the mist

  1. Loved the beautiful picture and the amazingly worded poem. Takes me back to my last trip to Mussoorie before Covid cancelled all our travel plans. Thanks for taking me back to the hills with this beautiful poem.

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  2. It’s crazy that i have to keep re-follwing the people I already follow. Do you notice the same thing? this is the third time in a week I am doing this, and these are the bloggers I am aware of.
    Sorry for the rant, lol, WP is not running very smoothly of late.


  3. From how they’ve been reaching out and typing to me…
    From how they doubtless felt at the touch of that mist…

    Not selfish at all,
    those palms.

    Tools of a heart looking to touch (even in cold places) – not selfish at all.

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  4. Beauty lies within and without, we only have to open our hearts and our eyes will follow. What a beautiful poem and the picture was amazing, reminds me that there is still so much beauty hidden away from most of us because of our destruction and greed. I am truly enjoying your blog you give me so much and ask for nothing in return 😍💖

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  5. It is … with me
    that I
    and like me
    in the world
    and why
    I into the world
    never got clear

    the cradle
    on the sea
    of the subconscious
    I got in the storm
    and weather
    can never leave

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