White lights pouring
the tulle does gleam
sweaty toes and
glossy shoes,
wooden floor beneath

Hands rising,
up in the air
as graceful as they could be
and swirling the air above;
blending in
the scent of,
the sweetest of roses

And oh,
my legs do slip
like butter
on the floor
spanning like compass,
sketching a circle
on the floor
which envies my grace

Jaws drop
eyes pop
audience amazed
a maneuver
interlaced with perfection
a manifestation
of how flaws
embellish grace

Β© 2020 | Prerna |

138 thoughts on “Ballerina

  1. You are an amazing poet. I loved the way you described this. Never thought of going this creative, so this one of yours is a motivation to open up spheres of creativity. Loved it.❀️🀍❀️🀍❀️

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    1. Thank you so much! Oh yes, I do appreciate their grace and commitment towards the dance form. When I was searching for a picture for this post, I came across the dark and painful side of it as well- injured toes and feet! πŸ₯Ί


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