I stare at the key;
key to the caged me,
which yearns to explore
the blue yonder
where it is meant to be
Magnificent it is;
a constant reminder
of my triviality,
passes down a look of pity
with its nuances of artistry
An easily forgivable treachery.

But oh the key lies there,
far away from my reach
and I’ll have to break free
For how can something
which is not a part of me;
which is foreign to me
have the power to stop me?

The cage
now a battlefield
tests the capacity
of a soul
fueled with perseverance
and quest for knowledge
Alas! it could not hold in
my shooting aspirations

And thus, I broke free
of the coldness
in the confinement
A warm flurry of wind
beneath my wings
to revive the curiosity
to revive those dreams…

Off I reached
straight for the sky
Yes! this is what
freedom feels like.
When I can explore;
When I can experience;
When I can interact

to discover myself
and correct my course
I am free…

© 2020 | Prerna |

206 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I loved the entire poem but being a kinesthetic person these verses really hit home for me-
    And thus, I broke free
    of the coldness
    in the confinement
    A warm flurry of wind
    beneath my wings
    to revive the curiosity
    to revive those dreams

    I really hope that everyone including mayelf can remember that we once had a dream of not being ordinary so even though now a lot of us feel that our dreams have transitioned into being able to do that very ordinary, we can still break free and feel liberated. The ideals of peace, happiness and calmness though not stressed enough are something that we constantly pine for so we should be able to find it with a free heart.

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  2. It is such a thought-provoking poem. Universal in its meaning. To be free I had to change the country of my birth. Thank you for articulating so well the feeling of being free, whatever it might mean to each of us.


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  3. थे पंछी वो दो नभ में
    विचरण करते थे वहाँ
    किया पकड़,बन्द पिंजरे उनको
    हाताश निराश वो थे वहां।।

    युक्ति निकाली दोनो ने
    किया अन्नजल का त्याग वहां
    अचेत अवस्था मे पड़े थे दोनो
    जब मालिक की निगाह पड़ी वहाँ।।

    मालिक सोचे मर गए दोनो
    पिंजरा खोल निकाला वहाँ
    पल में हवा में उड़ते दिखे
    मिली आजादी दोनो को वहा।।

    कहानी त्तापर्य आज यहा हैं
    हिम्मत हारना काम नही
    जब तक जीवित प्राणी रहे
    अंत समय तक लड़ना
    जब तक इच्छा पूर्ति ना दिखे।।

    The birds were those two
    Used to roam there
    Hold them, cage them
    Desperate they were there.

    Both of them took a tip
    Sacrificed food grains there
    Both were stunned
    When the owner looked.

    The owner thought both were dead
    Pulled out the cage there
    Seen flying in the air in the moment
    Both got freedom there.

    Story is here today
    Lose courage no work
    As long as there are living beings
    Fight till the end
    Until the wish is fulfilled.

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