The star that will shine to infinity and beyond…

I looked out of the window
The sky always made me smile
I grew up admiring the luminescence of the stars; the sobriety of the moon
The gravity of the moon attracted me; and the twinkling of the stars…
As if called me to a new and curious realm
Still undiscovered, still unexplored
My life was up there
As I wanted to touch the glittering sky…

It was not that easy
The workout was herculean
100 push-ups; 100 crunches; 100 sit-ups
And a 100 degree-s of qualification
is not enough
It requires confidence, courage and self-motivation
Of which all I was still lacking
So I closed my eyes;
Searched my heart
And finally found the brighter side…

I remember the pats on my back
when I completed my first task at NASA
And of course, the conventional remarks of society
which tried to pull back a star
rising and shooting with aspirations.
So, I pulled forward, pulled and pulled
And broke myself of the chains
that held me in bondage.

Now, here I am
Standing at the base of a space shuttle
Which reads, “COLUMBIA”
Wearing a bulky and bright orange space suit
Smiling at the cameras
And making headlines before I
finally touch the sky…
First woman of Indian origin,
Kalpana Chawla, I am
to live my dreams
finally touch the sky…

People who ask me, why I shine
To them I answer
That, I glow because the desire to achieve kindles determination in me…
Yes! It’s the desire and potential that we, hold within us
That can make us reach tremendous heights
It requires a little spark of empowerment
And you will be left wondering
about what we can achieve.

Clouds came in my life
with rain and thunder then;
now they add hues to my sky
of hope and happiness…

I stepped into the metal container
And saw a dream come true
Of a million small girls
Who dreamt like me

I realized I was a star.
And with my own light
I was illuminating the path
Of a million small girls
Who dreamt like me…

~Prerna @besondersite

The poem is written in first person to make women realize that they could be the protagonist. Every woman can be Kalpana Chawla; successful, independent and the idol of remembrance and inspiration till posterity.  



15 thoughts on “The star that will shine to infinity and beyond…

  1. Wow, this is incredibly powerful! “I glow because the desire to achieve kindles determination” – this is almost palpable, and I love how you’ve done this so others could put themselves in that position and ‘feel’ that way. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  2. I am hesitant to make a suggestion, as poetry is entirely in the intent and spirit of the author’s vision, but I think it would add weight to the details if you were to add some kind of footnote for readers who may not be aware of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Initially, I mistook it for the one that happened when I was a girl–called the Space Shuttle Challenger.

    Maybe you could add a link somewhere? Or a photo of Kalpana Chawla–who I did not know before reading your poem. So, thank you for interpreting history with poetry. I do think that is a true way to honor the sacrifice as well as to commemorate reaching impossible dreams. If you already have a link that I missed, I apologize.

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    1. Thank you for the suggestion! It is much appreciated. The main idea behind the poem was ‘women empowerment’ so this point didn’t come to my mind before. I am glad you took interest and went in depth 😊

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