The power of Introverts. And why I am proud to be one…

Neither  an orator, nor a speaker. A man does not always need to socialize to lead a happy and cheerful life. This is where an extraordinary mind of an ordinary introvert sets in as an ideal example.

An introvert should not be confused as a shy person; he uses his oratory skills wisely by responding only when required. He neither pours out his words like torrential rainfall, nor does he keep himself in isolation or is deserted.

Introverts are more focused and determined. Therefore, their productivity is higher than that of a normal or talkative person.

Scientific research has proven that people who talk less, often have vivid imagination and creative minds along with prodigious problem solving capacity.

An introvert has the power or ability to think out of the box and generally, expresses himself through writing, art or music. This quality of his sets him apart from others. His method of expression does not go useless either, instead it captures the attention of many and recognized by the society as ‘masterpiece’.

Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Bill Gates, Sir Isaac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg…
Yes! All of them are some of the most famous introverts of the world; and they have made history; they have done what nobody else did before…

Introverts are self-sufficient and independent people. They make, create and destroy their life all by themselves. If nobody is there to hold their hand, they walk by themselves. They have peace of mind and solitude, which is why, they don’t pick up fights or quarrel with anybody often.

They have a mechanism of their own- own joy, own sorrow, own ways, own rules and nobody to blame.

People think that as they do not share their emotions verbally, they might be very weak, broken or gullible, but actually its otherwise. Introverts are emotionally and mentally very strong people because they have learnt self-control and tolerance. They have real sharp minds as they are observant and perceive everything that goes around them. These are the real intelligent and clever people who notice all the little things and have studied life more deeply than the rest of the world. They are actually, a treatise on the philosophy of the living world.

It is no doubt, that I am proud to be an introvert; and love to express myself and my perspectives through writings and art. I am pretty happy with the success I have achieved till date and continue to strive for perfection.

No introvert should consider himself as inferior or disconnected from the outer world. Because you are a really precious and exquisite gem for the world. The world needs peace; the world needs introverts.

“No one can beat an introvert, if he is determined and holds a strong will power to make his own way through the crowd with courage”

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~Prerna @besondersite
Start each day with a grateful heart…

42 thoughts on “The power of Introverts. And why I am proud to be one…

  1. I like when people talk normally,slowly so i can catch what are they saying.When someone speaks quick and with aggressive tone,i don’t listen to that speaker,i’m losing interest.”I look rough and strong,so you have to listen to me”-hell no.Introverted people are very smart and they deserve top positions in every subject,job or skill.Their intelligence lies in their mind not in their tongue.

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  2. Excellent – we also have a Swedish author (Linus Jonkman, ISBN 978-91-7503-298-6 “Introvert, the silent revolution”)writing about introverts and extroverts. I am proud to be an introvert too.

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  3. Great perspective! I can be very social. But when I’m done, I’m done 😏. Then I go back to my personal space and process.
    There are a lot of introverts in the nomad world and no one takes offense as we, sometimes abruptly, take our leave from the campfire. It works well.

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  4. The Perspective you have put forward is absolutely correct!(My bestie is an introvert😅❤)
    But hey! I am not an introvert sadly🥺 I love interacting with people and making new friends😅😂🤐.

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      1. Being an introvert, I don’t have much understanding of the other two types 😅 I guess you can provide some insight! Would love to hear your views 😀


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