One lovely blog award!!


I have been nominated for many glorious awards recently and I was not able to do the posts for them. Please accept my apologies and thank you for thinking of me as worthy of those lovely awards 😊.

Rishabh nominated me for “the lovely blogger award”. He writes wonderfully and is going to start writing book reviews which I’m looking very much forward to !!



( Bonus facts to make up for other awards too! )

  1. I absolutely hate lizards and turn totally insane when the pesky little thing enters my room!!
  2. I love eating different cuisines and trying out new things.
  3. I am really good at making PowerPoint presentations.
  4. I love to do coding with python and Java in my free time.
  5. I love traveling.
  6. I am very much nocturnal.
  7. I love horses and giraffes ( we are very alike ) Β !!
  8. Snow clad mountains are my type of place!
  9. I love photography and blogging.
  10. I am good at nail art but I cannot put an eyeliner nicely.
  11. And I have a good sense of humour!!
  12. I love wild Flora and fauna!!
  13. I like playing basketball, badminton and table tennis (basketball being my favorite!).
  14. I do not like chocolates at all! (But I can eat a choco fudge cake or brownie with utmost delight πŸ˜‹ yumm! I won’t share! )


3. Marilyn Armstrong
5.Just Brittany moments
7. Swosti Das
8. AloyFerns
9. Ed Lehming Photography
10. Shweta
11. Dennis Wagoner
12. Memadtwo
13. Bg
14. Pooja
15. Adashof Jhaee
16. Himadri Roy
17. Colors of my life
18. Margaret from soulfood101blog
19. Fauxcroft
20. Avid Observer
21. Idealize blog
22. Stoneronarollercoaster
23 Esther
24. GlΓΌksgeist
25. Harsh, fab writings
26. Candid Hunter productions
27. Maitri
28. J.A.Allen
29. Jo
30. Kirizar
31. Lee, goldenpinkjournal
32. JoAnna
33. Sunain banga
34. Sparsha Mishra
35. Gayatri Sharma

These are my recent blogger-friends. If I have missed out somebody, please consider yourself nominated too! Let’s spread the bogging love πŸ’œ.

And..and..and…I would feel so happy if you do the post as I would love to know more about you guys 😁.

~Have a nice day !!

64 thoughts on “One lovely blog award!!

  1. Thank you so much for the thought!
    So many great facts about yourself there!
    I have received this award previously so have reblogged it in the hope that you will get some visitors from my blog too!

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      1. Python Pros:
        it is easy to read.

        Python Cons:
        Speed can be an issue.

        Java Pros:
        It is free and the syntax is familiar to many programmers.

        Java cons:
        There are some bugs and Java needs large memory.


  2. Congrats on the well-deserved award! Interesting facts too. I have a sweet tooth so I can’t imagine not liking chocolate, but I used to love basketball when I was in school (I used to sneak to the boy’s PE sessions as girls weren’t ‘allowed’ to play, they were relegated to the likes of hockey and netball). x

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  3. Congratulations Prerna!! We have all these little lizards, crawling all over the place. They always seem to pop out and scare me when I least expect it. When I had a cat, he took care of most of them LOL I love chocolate, and we’d have to make double batches of the cake and brownies because I don’t like sharing mine either LOL. I do share BUT I don’t like it πŸ˜‰ I can’t do nail art OR eyeliner properly so you are doing better than me on both accounts. This was fun reading, thank you for nominating me πŸ™‚ I am honoured. I’ll get it done and up probably tomorrow πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

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    1. Thank you so much Margaret!! Haha exactly! Lizards are always an unpleasant sight! Hahaha nice to know that 😁 thanks for the beautiful comment!! Waiting eagerly for your post 😊

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