National Earth Day- 22nd April

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The Earth is a ‘mother’ to all of us. She nurtures and nourishes every creation dwelling on it. Yes! we flourish in her bosom. Therefore, recognizing her as ‘it’ won’t be fair. Her selfless love and care is the reason behind our survival on this planet. SHE sacrifices her resources for the welfare of mankind and still tolerates the load of villainy upon her with a faint smile. Without her where would we be ? And yet we celebrate only one day annually as ‘the Earth day’. For everything our mother earth has done for us, I think every single day should be dedicated to her…and only her.

The trees have grown miserable. Their branches are being cut down and then slowly they disappear. Where have they gone ? Into the houses, furniture, pencils and what not. Be thankful for the medicines you drink with a scowl on your face ,for they too have been extracted from trees and plants.

The lush green rolling fields would now only be seen in movies and animated films for they are gradually turning into sandy Martian deserts.

The water. It’s abundance is turning out to be its acuteness. The water bodies are being misunderstood as open dustbins and dumping areas. We can’t tolerate if somebody throws a packet of chips in front of our home. Are we realizing that we are destroying not only the habitat of thousand aquatic species but also ,the source because of which life mainly exists ?

“The existence of a thing is not valued until it finally vanishes”

We are inviting OUR  destruction. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become our last ‘Earth Day”.

A message from our mother earth,” My blessings are with you dear children, I care for you, let me know if you do the same”.






What are you planning to do ?




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