The Irony…

Here I am again !! Today I was again reminded of me being so tall !! I don’t mind it a lot but, all the attention I get always makes me so nervous and conscious.

Worst parts about being exceptionally tall:


“You might be playing basketball, right ?! “. Well, I do play basketball and I am really fond of it but I don’t think that’s the EXACT reason for being tall. There are many more tall peopleΒ whoΒ do not play that sport and are still forced to answer “yes” to avoid the disappointment Β and embarrassment.


And who else can you expect to come and help your mom get the crockery, blankets, books etc etc out of the topmost cupboard ?


I grab on the longest jeans or pants only to realize that the waist length is triple my waist!


especially while playing hide and seek with my sister! You can see my head popping out of places where I can’t fit. And one can easily recognize me from the backside- the head held up high and knocking itself on the roof of the bus during a rocky ride.


while going through low roofed passageways ,and I can’t even stand upon the bed due to the fear of cutting my head with the deadly fan above!! Not the favorite one at all !


I haven’t yet found sufficient number of people who are taller than me !! (I have met very few). So, that means I am Gulliver-the giant one !


It’s really very awkward to tilt your head 45 degree downwards to look at somebody who is older than you.


Getting cut halfway out of the selfies 😐


Many of the tall people here might be able to relate to this πŸ™‚


Thank You



20 thoughts on “The Irony…

  1. You should not be ashamed of being tall at all. It’s just a number. I bet you have long, gorgeous legs!! Many women would love to be tall. I’m 1.58 cm, so very short. If I gain weight, you can immediately tell, which I bet doesn’t happen to you. H&M is great for jeans. They have small sizes with long legs. Check your size/34. That’s their longest, I think. xx

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  2. It was interesting reading about you being tall… well i am short, even shorter than Cheila , I am 1.51πŸ˜ƒ. I also get alot of annoying questions about my height and it doesn’t bother me anymore. We should love and appreciate ourselves the way we are.

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  3. Ha! I wonder if I’d be committing a faux pas by asking exactly how tall are you… But your post makes me curious πŸ™‚
    I am not ‘particularly’ tall: umm I might be even be 1/4 shorter than what I write proudly (5.3″), and am married into a family of tall people! I think it is an asset for sure.
    Funny post – I enjoyed reading it and seeing the “other” (taller) side!

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  4. I love this! Bet no one said this to you: Hope we meet sometime. I’d really ‘look up to you.’ πŸ˜‰ My girls are taller than me, so they love to ‘look down’ upon meπŸ˜„
    People will always try to understand you in their own, best possible ways.

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  5. Ha Ha Ha I never thought Tall people face so many problems Anyways I feel everything has its ups and downs For me being average height I have always wished to be taller as I feel it has its advantages so every situation depends on how you look at it 😊

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