Self respect: a jewel💎


“Self respect starts with you”

I came across a limping old lady on the other side of a busy path yesterday. She wanted to cross this path where a lot of people were busy cycling, walking and jogging and there was a lot of moving rush. I thought that she wouldn’t be able to cross this path without guidance. She might get knocked out by someone with earphones, fall and hurt herself. I approached her and politely asked if I could be of any help to her. She got quite agitated and replied to me in a painful yet bold tone that she could handle herself better. We had a substantially long conversation. She expressed herself beautifully.

She had grown strong over years and did not want anyone to take advantage of her disabilities or yet even have pity on her. She did not wanted any help from any person unless it becomes absolutely necessary , as it hurts her  SELF RESPECT. She gave a wide message to all the disabled people who have already fallen down from deep within. And introduced an effort to delete those three numbing letters from ‘dis’abled. A struggle to live a normal, special and happy life.

I realised that everybody use ‘self respect’ in their own way but all mean the same- to respect oneself and to rise in one’s own eyes before admiring or respecting some other person.

Do not expect people to respect you if you let you disrespect yourself. It’s not ego. EGO is negative. Self respect is positive and as precious as a jewel.

Self respect can also be associated with one’s love and respect for one’s own country. Respect the place where you live in and connected with, and only then can you expect people to respect your place.

Respect yourself. Don’t let anybody hurt your dignity. There was a real incident which happened few days ago wherein a street cobbler refused to accept the coin which was thrown at him disrespectfully in return of his service. He told the customer that he need to be respected for his effort and that he couldn’t lose his self respect and dignity at any cost.


“If nobody holds your hand, put your hands in the pocket and move on”.

Don’t let yourself down to make other people happy. If they are true friends then they will accept and respect you the way you are. They will be happy to see your success. There are some people who always want to let you down. They often break your heart and you still expect them to get better the next moment. Turn a deaf ear towards them. They are not to be taken along ,in the journey of life.

Living individually with respect is better than being in company which discourages and does not value you. Respect and identity are the first things you own/possess. They are the priorities. They should be given love before anything or anyone else. One can loose parents, friends and relatives but respect for oneself (and from others) when once lost can be very difficult to gain back.

You may survive without respect, dignity or honor from the outside but your soul might get wounded.

~From a respected me 😃

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