It Glitters✨

via Daily Prompt: Glitter

“Not everything that glitters is gold”. It might be more. Nature is more precious than any wealth. The most beautiful and valuable. Why talk  about artificial and man made shine,lustre or glitter when God has provided the best shine to this world through nature.

The leaves shine and glitter after being washed up by raindrops. They look fresh and aglow with youthfulness. 🌿

The raindrops shine out in 7 colors when sunlight embraces it. 🌈

A twinkle in a mother’s eye showing love and affection for the little one is no less than the prettiest glitter on an actress’s dress.👀

The beautiful shades of the azzure sky reflect in the ocean water with a perfect glaze and shine. The water glitters in between the waves. 🌅

The shine and the lustre of the silk robe on a maiden’s body. 👘

The sky glittering with luminous stars above a busy town defeats today’s pollution and outshines even the shining diamond necklace of Elizabeth. 🌃🌌

The tinkling bangles on a women’s wrist shine with pride of that being an essential part of the family. 💫 The bangles serve as lustrous tokens to radiant lives.

All these things are present around us, not very far away. We just don’t notice them much. They want more recognition. Let’s admire the natural things that glitter and shine around us.


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