It’s Orange…

One day ‘Mr Sun’ got a flying kiss from a lady. He blushed so much that he turned ‘Orange’.   🙂

Ever saw the hues of a setting sun or a sun just sliding from the blanket in early morning ?!

The beautiful orange circle in the sky with its tinted cheeks hides behind a curtain ,just like a popstar waiting for his entry. The curtains slide and he unleashes his beauty and might.

“The sun even shines on those who are ungrateful to him”. The sun, the wind, water and sky the elixirs of life are the only things which today’s greedy human can’t own and can’t classify into relegion, caste or political party. They are common for everybody irrespective of the diversity in this world.

THE SUN…It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The color combinations set by HIM are prettier than the prettiest dress of a woman. The sun is so bright and lovely but he won’t let you see him for long { I think it’s shy 😉  }

You can’t live without its warmth in chilly winters  but you still like him when he gets really hot 😎 in summers !!  If it wasn’t there ,you would not have had the chance to eat your favorite ice cream.

And sometimes when the blustering winds of autumn hurt, you would like him to come out of those clouds and save you like a hero !!


12 thoughts on “It’s Orange…

  1. According to Physics (including all the contributions of Scientists), light emitted from the sun in the form of photons undergo refraction in the earth’s atmosphere and due to interaction with particles in the atmosphere, the orange and red hues can be seen by us because they are the least diverged… Well, I was trying to explain the phenomenon, don’t take it seriously, but yeah that’s the phenomenon… good writing

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