Bullying refers to the act of harassing someone mentally or physically. It can take way through the social media which results in cyber bullying.

Bullying happens on the basis of

  • Caste, creed , relegion, nationality etc
  • Type of clothing and general attitude also adds to the list.

Major victims are teenagers as they are on an ascend to more of social interaction with the world. The victims face anxiety and depression due to this hard look and attitude from their peers. This also leads to low self confidence, low self esteem, less social interactions and consciousness about oneself.

Ragging in colleges and peer pressure are sub types of bullying.

People who bully consider themselves superior, overconfident and flawless that is why they tend to disrespect and insult others. Sometimes, the stressed and depressed victims tend to attempt suicides ,murders and other crimes which in turn forms a chain of unruly activities.

Bullying can happen in schools, societies, malls, workplaces etc. It should especially be controlled and stopped in school by teachers as they can educate us and show us the brighter path. In societies, parents, neighbors and RWA should keep a check on these activities and make the children aware of the consequences.

Major bullying is given the punishment of jail sentence while minor ones can handled and managed.

So let’s end bullying , make people our buddies, accept them the way they are and spread solidarity in the world.


8 thoughts on “BULLYING

  1. Bullying works only till it meets proper opposition and tactful dealing! We have to show some resilience dealing with it if we are to salvage our calmness and peace of mind at the end of the day! Beautiful post!keep it up!God bless you, Prerna 😃

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  2. So this was your first blog, hmm, just checking out your blogs, and bullying, there so many things out there which include environment and society we live in, but one thing is for sure kii we can change, and yaa a big noo to bullying,

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